School Day

The School Day is addressed to pupils from class 9 to 13.
We will be showing an educational Indian film dealing with a current topic.
It is part of this year's festival programme .


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Tea Talks

Let's tea talk about India! Welcome to a country of extremes.
Tea Talks have been an integral part of the festival for more than ten years now.
While in politics, tea talks take place behind closed doors, they fall on sympathetic ears of the interested public during the festival.
India lovers have the unique opportunity to quench their thirst of knowledge while listening to experts providing particular information about India. 

The lectures are held in German.


Media Censorship and Freedom of Opinion in India: Focus on Internet and Cinema (Thursday)

Architecture of India – an open debate (Friday)

One Year of Modi – Review and Perspectives (Saturday)

Rituals in India (Sunday)


Acting Workshops

Acting Workshops with Vipin Sharma.
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Dance Workshops

Several choreographers teach different Indian dance styles. 


Dance Workshop 'Traditional Bollywood Style' - Sunday, 19.7.2015


Party - Bollywood meets Hiphop

Our after-show party at ‘The Bank’. For more informations.